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We all know the importance of structure when it comes to building a home. If this is compromised then a home cannot withstand the stresses of nature and time. Like the supporting pillars of a well built home, the spine is designed to provide the support we need to function in our daily living. The full function of the spine (vertebrae) is to allow motion, absorb shock, but most importantly, to protect our spinal cord. For this reason the spine, along with your skull, is one of the most important structures of the body because it houses your nervous system. If this system is unable to function properly many ailments may result.

Chiropractic starts with the understanding of the simplicity and strength of the body’s design.

Chiropractic’s foundation is the neuromusculoskeletal system: muscles, joints, bones, and nerves. The interaction of all these components is at once so ingenious, so complex, and so perfect that any thought of changing it- no mater how well intended- should be met with the deepest scepticism. Yet many drastic, highly invasive treatments for injuries have become commonplace. These treatments see the body’s design as a reengineering challenge. We, at Glenora Chiropractic, believe that being truly symptom and injury free depends on rediscovery not reengineering. By rediscovering the body’s design and allowing it to work as intended, many of the disabling conditions that take such a financial and personal toll can be reversed or avoided altogether.
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